2.12x12mm 125khz T5577 Chip Glass Tag

2.12x12mm 125khz T5577 Chip Glass Tag

    Frequency:125KHZ Compliance:ISO 11784/11785 FDX-A Material:Bio-glass encapsulation IC Chips:EM4305 Tag size:2.12*12mm
Syinge size : 143*47mm
Packaging size:200*70mm
Sanitation state : Sealed and sterilized with a shelf life of 3 years
Using method:Once use
Implanted Glass Tube RFID tags for animal tracking can provide us with a way to better track livestock or identify  pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals. They are enclosed in bio-compatible glass, resulting in a 
completely harmless tag for animals including livestock and pets.
Animal Identification:
 Companion animals
- Cats
- Dogs
- Horses
Laboratory and exotic animals
- Ferrets
- Fish
- Mice and rats
- Pigeons.
Key Features: 
1,ISO 11784 and 11785 compliant
2,FDX-A, FDX-B, HDX ‘s Communication Format
3,Multiple IC options, including EM4305, T5577, SIC999, Ntag216 
4,Bio-glass capsules with parylene coating ensure optimal biocompatibility
5,Unlimited resistance to water and chemical absorption
6,Custom sizes and programming available
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