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Why plastic business cards?

In today’s very competitive times it pays to distinguish yourself from your competition in as many ways as possible. A well designed plastic business card will help you stand out from the crowd and make an impression at that all important first meeting or introduction.

Imagine how, at an exhibition or networking event where cards are collected by the handful, your plastic card will be far more likely to be kept by the recipient because of the higher perceived value.

Plastic business cards have been helping people grow their businesses for many years and at a surprisingly low cost.

Why plastic membership cards?

A membership card plays an important part in creating a bond between a club or organisation and it’s members, so it makes sense that your card portrays the right image and is perceived as an item of value by it’s holder.

A quality plastic membership card can enhance your image as well as offer the practical benefits of informing your members of any important rules and conditions of membership.

Plastic Loyalty Card Printing

The main objective of a loyalty card is to increase sales by encouraging repeat business. Surveys have shown that to increase sales to existing customers is far easier and more cost effective than attracting new ones. A quality plastic loyalty card is a tried and tested method of building brand loyalty and creating customer goodwill.

Our staff have many years experience with loyalty card schemes and can offer sound advice on choosing the right card to suit your needs.

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